Thursday, May 2, 2013

Naty Grams

It's been so long since I did an Insta-Recap!  I'm headed to Chicago tomorrow morning on an early flight and wanted to get another post in before the weekend so I figured today would be the best day for  this!

As always, here's 9 of my favorite/recent instagram pics!

1.  Finally got myself a rolling rack!  I thought this would be perfect for the new pieces that I receive and it makes it so much easier to see what I have to style for my blog.  I got this one on amazon for $15 and it's easy to put together!

2. I went to lunch this day and wore my favorite blue shoes and floral print pants.  Love the combo! 

3.  My little creative space!  I have Audrey & McQueen on the wall, a view of new clothes, fresh flowers on the table, my macbook and of course my mustache mug for morning coffee :) I think it's important to make your workspace inspiring.

4.  Selfie in my H&M floral pants.  I shot pictures this day but unfortunately they just didn't translate well on camera.  Love this print though!

5. It was beautiful this day so I went to the park in my Nirvana tee from Forever21 :) Sometimes it feels good to just rock a tee and jeans! 

6. The love of my life turned 3!  Kiko is seriously the best dog ever and I am so blessed with him.  We always get him the cutest little birthday treats and he loves his PAW-TY hat

7.  I have been buying myself fresh flowers once a week for the desk in my room.  It makes me smile and brightens my day.

8. Took this selfie the day I shot my road trip pics for Charlotte Russe :)  Wearing my favorite every day lipstick MAC Creme Cup. 

9. A little sneak peek of what I am bringing with me to Chicago.  I honestly always wait till the last minute to pack because I never really know what I will be doing and what I want to wear.  I swear I am the worst!  The weather over there has been similar to here in Jersey, just a little cooler but I am still dressing for Spring!  I really wish there was a way to transport my entire closet :) 

Make sure to follow me on instagram @natybaby! I'll be posting some pics during my Chicago trip. Have a lovely weekend everyone! 


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