Tuesday, May 1, 2012

White Pants & Yellow Blazer

It's already May can you believe it?! Summer is right around the corner.  I am so happy that the weather today turned around.  I didn't want it to continue raining.  The past few days weren't so great to me so I did some retail therapy which always makes me feel better temporarily.  Today I am wearing two of the new pieces that I got and I am so excited about them because I have been searching high and low for the perfect ones.  Hope that you like!

Yellow Blazer: Zara
White Pants: Love Culture
Tank: Target
Shoes: Zara 
Clutch: H& M 

I know I have a million blazers but there's so many colors and I just want them all!  I never really get a chance to go to Zara because there isn't one that's close to where I live.  I finally made my way over there and fell in love with this yellow blazer.  The material and fit really sold me.  I've been wanting a yellow one for awhile now so this was a great purchase.  It was more expensive than my other blazers but definitely worth it.  

I've always been afraid to wear a lot of white because I am the girl that would spill something on it or get it stained.  But I've never owned white pants and I've been searching for the perfect pair.  Most of the ones I tried on were super see through up top and it made me really uncomfortable.  But I went into Love Culture, another store that I haven't been to lately, and I found the perfect pair for only $20.  They're stretchy skinny pants and not see through :) 

I decided to go with all white and use the blazer as the pop of color and my statement piece.  I'm wearing these nude pumps.  Ladies if you don't own a pair of nude shoes I highly suggest getting a pair! 
I went with this new yellow & gold bracelet from H&M and this long chain necklace that I forgot I had.  I love the effect it gave this outfit.  Also using my white & gold clutch.  I really love the way this came together.  What do you think about white pants and yellow blazers? 

Enjoy your Tuesday dolls!

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